Our Story
“Change your coffee. Change your life.®”
It is our goal to highlight and celebrate the beautiful flavors the coffee gives us, naturally. Coffee creates and brings communities closer together, and Espresso Republic is dedicated to bring great coffee back to our community.

To provide sustainably sourced, hand-picked, micro-roasted quality coffee. Inspired by baristas, we strive for an exceptional cup with overall sweetness, cleanliness and a good punch to the palate.

Mission Statement

Quality you can taste

When you drink Espresso Republic®, you know you are you drinking quality with integrity. We endlessly strive to create roasts that cater to both the coffee connoisseur and curious consumer alike, offering nuanced flavors that are immediately rewarding and approachable for all palates.

Roasting is center stage

At Espresso Republic, roasting is our center stage, our obsession. We roast on state-of-the-art modern equipment that is energy efficient and capable of progressive profiling. We receive samples of green coffee frequently; we sample roast in small batches, formally cup them while taking notes, and if we like it, we re-roast and taste again for purchase consideration. Potential espressos are also dialed in and tasted at different extractions on a weekly basis. Every step in Quality Control is documented and scrutinized. There is no detail that is passed over.Roasting commands our full attention, it forces us to focus.
Roasting happens fast, and its our job to keep up, using all our senses and sometimes our intuition. A few degrees, a matter of seconds can be the difference between excellence and mediocrity. Not only is it important for coffees to be roasted to their best potential, but consistency is crucial. A perfect roast is a moving target, and that is our goal each time. The more consistent the coffee is, the better it can be brewed deliciously, repeatedly. You have our word, but the coffee speaks for itself.

Our History

Espresso Republic was founded in 2010 by Rabih Sater. After having sipped his first specialty coffee, and with a passion for food and beverage, he ventured into the coffee world with excitement. It inspired him to share the life-changing experience he had with coffee with everyone locally.

Employees and partners

Today, Espresso Republic comprises of a wonderful and collaborative team, proudly creating all products in California and globally source the best possible ingredients.

Rabih Sater
From his experience in engineering, architecture, conceptual operations and in a growing coffee retail brand, he was inspired to establish Espresso Republic for the passion he has for quality cuisine. He leads the company forward with one goal in mind: Sharing his passion for quality coffee. Being a foodie and constantly traveling to source coffees, he is touched by the various cultures and people he gets to experience. He brings these experiences and stories back through the coffees he sources giving meaning to each cup.
Grace Park
Administrative Assistant
From billing to being the star in the office, Grace can do it all! She is the backbone of Espresso Republic and keeps up employee morale with her bright, energetic and "angelic" personality. Grace enjoys how collaborative the coffee industry is and that she gets to be a part of that in different shapes and forms. She loves jamming to Jesse McCartney and the occasional audiobook as well as visiting art museums during her free time.
Aaron Salas
Director of Marketing
Aaron oversees the marketing team, strategies, and execution. On a weekly basis Aaron tackles a variety of projects. His creativity flourishes working alongside the Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer, bringing his vision through branding and packaging. When he's not behind a computer he enjoys traveling to different cities to experience their urban settings , coffee culture, and food.
Daniel Kim
Senior Roaster
Being head of the roasting team, Daniel monitors roast profiles and quality checks of our coffee. His tech savvy side and barista experience is a perfect combination. Whether it's coffee equipment or a machine Daniel is the first to dive into it. When he's not roasting he is playing video games and building computers.