French Press


Coffee (coarse grind)

Boiling water

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01 To know how much coffee to use: - 3 cup French Press: 15-16 grams of coffee - 4 cup French Press: 22-23 grams of coffee - 8 cup French Press: 45 grams of coffee

02 Pour the coffee grounds inside the French Press and place the French Press on the scale.

03 To know how much water to use: *Water to use looks less because there needs to be room for your ground coffee. - 3 cup French Press: 200 grams of water - 4 cup French Press: 270 grams of water - 8 cup French Press: 540 grams of water

04 You will need to get the timer ready for this. Pour enough boiling water (200 ̊F) using double the amount of coffee to saturate the grounds for about 30-40 seconds. For example, 15-16 grams of coffee, use 30 grams of boiling water to saturate. Immediately start the timer as soon as water hits the coffee grounds.

05 After saturating the grounds for 30-40 seconds, add the rest of the water. For example, if you use 22-23 grams of coffee, you’ll need 270-30 grams = 240 grams (account for water used for saturating).

06 Place the plunger on top and do not plunge. Let the coffee brew for 4 minutes.

07 Apply pressure on the plunger, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom.

08 Pour the coffee immediately into your mug or a decanter. You do not want to leave remaining coffee inside the French Press to avoid over extraction.

09 Enjoy your coffee!