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01 Take your portafilter, completely dry it with a clean towel removing any remaining coffee grounds and moisture, then place on the scale and tear.

02 Grind 18-19 grams of coffee in your portafilter.

03 Distribute the coffee evenly by swiping around and across the portafilter basket using your finger, leaving a flat surface of coffee.

04 Tamp your coffee down with 20-30 pounds of pressure (until it starts to push back). We suggest holding your tamp like a door knob and push evenly with your entire hand. You will want to avoid pushing the tamper with your palm to avoid hurting yourself. After tamping, avoid any vibrations to your portafilter to keep the espresso puck securely on the portafilter.

05 Purge your grouphead.

06 Return your portafilter with coffee on the grouphead, place your demitasse under, then immediately start your shot. A good target shot is roughly between 25-30 seconds total brew time with a yield of 2-2.5oz.