French Press

  • Equipment
  • French Press
  • Paddle or Dinner Knife (for stirring)
  • Ingredients
  • Coffee (coarse grind)


Step 1
To know how much coffee to use: - 3 cup French Press: 15-16 grams of coffee - 4 cup French Press: 22-23 grams of coffee - 8 cup French Press: 45 grams of coffee
Step 2
Pour the coffee grounds inside the French Press and place the French Press on the scale.
Step 3
To know how much water to use: - 3 cup French Press: 200 grams of boiling hot water - 4 cup French Press: 270 grams of boiling hot water - 8 cup French Press: 540 grams of boiling hot water
Step 4
You will need to get the timer ready for this. Pour enough hot water (200˚F) to saturate the grounds for about 30-40 seconds.
Step 5
After saturating the grounds for 30-40 seconds, add rest of the water appropriate for your French Press.
Step 6
Place the plunger on top and do not plunge. Let the coffee brew for 4 minutes.
Step 7
Apply pressure on the plunger, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom.
Step 8
Decant the coffee and enjoy!