• Equipment
  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress Filter
  • Timer
  • Paddle or Dinner Knife (for stirring)
  • Ingredients
  • 15-18g of Coffee (medium grind)
  • 200g or ¾ cup of boiling hot water


Step 1
Place a circle paper filter inside the detachable plastic filter cap
Step 2
Wet the paper filter with hot water to rid of the paper taste.
Step 3
Place the assembled Aeropress inverted on your scale (the end where the filter cap screws on is facing up).
Step 4
Add your ground coffee in the top chamber. You may use a funnel to avoid losing some coffee grounds.
Step 5
You’ll need to get your timer ready for this step. Pour approximately 30 grams of boiling water (200˚F) starting your timer as soon as hot water hits your coffee grounds. Let the coffee saturate for 30-40 seconds. You may use your paddle or knife to make sure all your grounds are wet.
Step 6
After saturating your coffee grounds, add 150 grams of boiling water (a little over half a cup).
Step 7
After one minute on your timer, stir your coffee again about 10-12 rounds to agitate.
Step 8
Screw the filter cap tightly with the wet paper filter. Flip the entire Aeropress in your container to catch any liquid pouring out as you flip to avoid spillage.
Step 9
Apply pressure from the top of the Aeropress pushing downward to release your coffee. You will feel resistance. Press all the way down until there’s no more liquid left in your chamber. Pour in your favorite mug and enjoy!